December's List


I am so excited to be writing my December blog post, but I also can't believe it!

You may have noticed that I decided to change the title of this monthly series, so let me tell you a little more about that. Whenever I would write "(blah blah..) goals" - I always had this little inkling at the back of my mind telling me that I just didn't like it.
It could possibly be to do with seeing a lot of these blog posts, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I really wanted to put my spin on it. Now I feel a little silly going into this as it's such a small thing and my "list" is pretty much not creative at all. But I'm an overthinker and I wasn't sure how else to introduce this month's post, so this is it.

Now let's get onto the fun stuff...


finish the trilogy book set

I am currently reading The Four Streets trilogy by Nadine Davies. I've literally just finished the first book which was such a good read, as well as having me in almost tears at times - there are some dark and pretty awful things that happen in these stories which are heart-breaking but are things that actually happen, so that's pretty scary to be honest.
My mini mission for this month is to finish the second and third book of the set, and maybe even fit in some more books - who knows!


blog planning for next year

I have been back in love with my blog for a little while now, as well as sticking to my schedule of a new blog post every Tuesday morning. But as I'm sure you know, there's always room to improve something! Whether that means better or possibly more content - I'm not too sure on that but I'd love to sit down and make a plan for myself.


save regularly and budget better

It took me 3 attempts to spell regularly, I think it's getting late.. 
This year has almost been a bit of write off for me in these areas, and it makes me feel quite guilty to be honest. Up until recently, funds were as tight as they have ever been and there wasn't much spare for saving. But don't fret, I'm in a better position now and I like to think that I've worked my butt off for that. 
So now I'm at a point where I'm feeling excited about the future, so I need to get my saving boots back on and budget!