What I've Decluttered This Week

Talking a little bit about minimalism in my blog post last week has given me the bug to declutter.

Minimalism DeClutter Book Interior Home Decor

I was actually a little bit nervous about posting that to be honest - what if people think I'm weird and judge me? But a part of me just thought oh well, it's only a blog post with some thoughts from little ol' me. What could go wrong, eh? Not much really!

My wardrobe has been stressing me out a little lately, so I thought that it was about time that I sorted that. 
I was constantly in a battle of squeezing any hanging items back behind the doors and shutting them again. There just wasn't enough room for all my coats/jackets/trousers/dresses/shorts/jumpers/tops to fit behind the two doors that I have. Yes, pretty much most of clothing goes in here.
So I decluttered quite a few bits from my Ikea malm drawer, as this is where I've now decided to store my jeans and leggings. This as well as decluttering a few extra items from the wardrobe has created a lot more space which I'm super happy with!



  • Two old summer bags
  • A jumper
  • Three sets of pyjamas
  • A gym/workout jacket
  • Black jeans
  • Black work/smart trousers
  • Pink 'going out' top and shorts

Have you decluttered any of your items recently? Let me know in the comments & have an amazing New Year!