5 Things About November

Oh November, you've been good to me! As I'm writing this post out in my notebook and reflecting on these past four weeks, I'm actually feeling super happy.

It's been a busy one but also a relaxed one (includes a whole lot of watching Stranger Things and Suits on Netflix). I have just finished having a week off work, and am feeling so refreshed for it and raring to get going again. I think that's how you know that you've had a good break, don't you think?!



At the beginning of this month, me and my sister flew over to Barcelona for a short city break, and it was amazingggg. If you haven't yet seen my photo travel diary, make sure that you catch up on it as I am in love with our snaps of such a beautiful place.
I felt as if everywhere we went and wherever we turned, there was a beautiful building to look at (my fave thing, don't you know) and that kept me super happy the whole trip.


stranger things

I'm sure that this one comes at no surprise as most people have gone crazy over this last month, and this month. But it is a brilliant series that is definitely worth a binge watch if you haven't already.


darker evening and colder weather

Did anyone else feel that as soon as we hit the first of this month, it suddenly got super cold?! It is now officially coat weather, and to be totally honest, I've been sorta looking forward to getting my coats out again!
Just before November started, the clocks also changed so by the time I finish work at 5pm, it's already pitch black outside. I do love it at this time of year though, especially when everybody has their Christmas lights up outside and their trees in the window. But once the festivities are over, getting dark so early can feel pretty grim at times (I hope you'll excuse me for sounding like a negative nancy at the end there).


baby shower

This month included my beautiful friend Kayleigh's baby shower. It turned out pretty lovely and was so nice to celebrate the baby that's very nearly here!
I was also lucky enough to be asked to photograph the event - I enjoyed doing it so, so much and if you fancy seeing what I captured, just click here.



I have officially started shopping for those Christmas prezzies and it has actually been pretty stress free, so far anyway..
Everywhere is getting festive and busy in preparation, we've just had the Black Friday sales as well. I didn't end up buying anything as there wasn't something that I wanted that badly (not more than the house I'm saving for anyway)But these sales are perfect for those who have wanted something for ages that is in that pricier range, which is then just that bit more affordable.