7 Things For The 7 Weeks Left Of 2017



I've been reading a lot lately and it may sound weird, but once I've finished a few books I feel as if I have accomplished a lot. I'd also quite like to improve my writing and you know what they say - to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader.
This'll be no biggy though, I have a huge list full of books that I'd love to read so I'm excited!



It's my (and a lot of people I'm sure) fave time of the year and I intend to celebrate it and have a lovely time
Last year around Christmas time and into the New Year was a struggle and a half. Getting the flu twice was also not a bonus haha! Gonna do my best not to get ill again this year, pray for me..



Finding the time for those closest to you is so important, but I'm sure you don't need me telling you that
Christmas and New Year time shouldn't be a reminder of his for me, it should be an all year round thing and I intend to start this now. :)



I would really like to get into something more mindful, to be totally honest. I have been trying meditation for quite some time, it's a lot of work (you really wouldn't think it) and I haven't been able to get into it as of yet. I would really like to though, as so many people say how good it is and how it's worked for them.
On another note, I was thinking of maybe trying some yoga. I'm subscribed to Yoga With Adriene on YouTube so I'm thinking there's bound to be some vids to suit me in there!



I love having clear outs and organising my stuff, and it's been quite a while since my last one. I'm in the mood to do another really soon as well as giving the house and really good clean (does anyone else love those moods). I've got a week off of work soon so planning on doing this then!



I am so bad with this, I could literally put something off forever... I really want to try and stop procrastinating pretty much all of the time. It's not enough to want to now though, I need to start taking steps. Otherwise I'm always gonna be in the same spot, and then wondering why I'm still in the same spot. I'm thinking I need to find some reading material on this to give me some inspo.
Taking steps with stopping procrastination I'm thinking will really help with my confidence also. Speaking of which...



I'm sensing that I'm bringing this up a lot at the moment, so you may be thinking yaaawwwnn let's talk about something else Claire. But my confidence needs some serious work.. work that I'm too scared to put in (it's a never ending battle).
Starting now and into the next year, I really need to put effort into working on myself because it won't just be me benefiting from it, it'll be the people around me too!