October Goals

For this first week of October, I have had a pretty bad cold and today (Saturday) it's starting to feel a bit like the flu, nnnoo.
It's left me feeling pretty down and sorry for myself. I was meant to be going to London this weekend and I was seriously so excited about that, but it's had to be cancelled. But everything happens for a reason, right?

Anyway despite all that, I'm actually feeling pretty motivated right now and excited for things to come. 



I haven't been reading too much lately, but I feel like I think about it alll the time because I love it so much and I miss it. I haven't loved what I've read lately, I didn't finish two books and I'm not really enjoying what I've got going now. 
I've got so many on my 'to read' list though, I just haven't bought them yet so this could be my excuse to pick up some new ones.. yaas.



On mine and Matt's latest food shop, we picked up so much good food and it felt great. We've both got to a point where we're a bit fed up of eating junk, and really want to make healthier choices.
Jamie Oliver has a new recipe book out which I really want to get my hands on. My biggest bugbear about recipe books is the amount of ingredients for dishes, surely they're unnecessary? Could just be me but I love recipes that are simple and easy, so this sounds perfect!



The Instagram algorithm can be pretty disheartening most of the time, but right now I just post for me without thinking too much about how many likes I get. I can't even remember the last time I checked to see how many likes I got on a post.
But despite all that, I really want to make a lot more effort with my Twitter and my Instagram because I love creating and sharing. So I best get planning!