November Goals

November is pretty much here so I thought that it was about time for another monthly goals blog post! It's gonna be a verrrry exciting one for me, so I cannot wait to get stuck in. I have a total of 2 weeks off of work as well this month, and part of that time I will be in the beautiful city of Barcelonaaaa.

I can't wait to share my snaps with you, places/buildings are literally my favourite thing to photograph so make sure that you're following me on Instagram if you're not already for some snippets & insta stories!


eat better & eat more

This one is a litttle bit of a personal one, but I really need to start eating more. Without even really thinking about it, I'll go the whole day without eating very much and then I wonder why I'm starving! So I need to eat more (but not too much of the bad stuff) throughout the day and keep on top of it almost.
Hopefully it'll stop me binging on biscuits in the evening too...



Barcelona is coming up very soon so I need to get organised and get packing! This trip doesn't feel real yet so I haven't really thought about this stuff, although I did sort out my travel money on Saturday so at least that's something.


watch stranger things 2

If you're not already on this bandwagon, then where have you been? Me & Matt have yet to watch the second series, but that'll definitely be happening real soon! And speaking of series, The Walking Dead is also back on (yaass), which are my Monday evenings now sorted.


Claire x