February Goals

It's February already, ee! I'm glad quite that January is over because I am ready to hit refresh.

It started off really well, but I feel like I have slightly slumped at the end. So I am pretty eager for another new month and a new set of goals. So let's get going!

01. Do well on my photography course

I am starting a photography course next week and I am ssoo excited. I love taking photos but all I know is what I like and how I like them to look.
I'd love to know more about the technical side to it all and I love learning too! Can't wait to get started.

02. Start walking to work

I want to start being more active, as I currently do zero exercise of any sort. I think that walking is really good for you and so I'd like to start walking to work.
I have been saying this for a while and still have yet to do it! But I reckon once I've done it once I will definitely get into it more. It'll only be a 15 minute walk too, so not so bad!


03. Do more with my evenings

In my past few evenings, I have been productive instead of being a couch potato - whether that's getting some house work done, planning, blogging or going out. I always feel really good when my time has been well spent, so I definitely want to do more of that!


Do you have any goals or things you'd like to achieve this February? :-)