By The River, Bath

If you are heading into Bath, another must-see would have to be the Pulteney Bridge. It was so pretty, especially when the little lights were on in the shops/cafes. The bridge is also meant to be super romantic too. ;-)
The river (which I believe is the River Avon) features a horseshoe-shaped sort of dam which was pretty cool to look at and to take photos of.

The riverwalk was a nice place to take a stroll, which we did in the late afternoon. I reckon it would be a really love sunset/evening walk as well.

river avon bath 5.jpg

I loved listening to the sound of the water as well, it was really relaxing as we strolled along.

These steps were not so fun though! They were so small and I thought I was definitely going to slip, but luckily I didn't!

We got to this little bridge at the end of our riverside walk, which we then walked across to get back to the main centre.


I also made a little vlog of my Bath trip, if you fancy checking it out!