Around The City, Bath

I wanted to do a photo diary post dedicated to all my photos from just around the city that I haven't shared yet. As I've said many, many times already it is just so beautiful. I still can't get enough, and every time I look at them I just wanna go visit again.

The buildings just seem to be as they originally were, but then of course with the built in shops and stuff but you know what I mean. I loved the history here and you can really see that as you're wandering around the streets, observing it all.

For our dinner on Saturday evening, we headed over to The Oven Pizzeria & it did not disappoint! The restaurant was super cool, rustic but modern and the music was pretty good too! 
Would definitely recommend and if you're in Bath and you love pizza, you need to get down there!

I really do appreciate pretty lights, especially in trees.

Me and Matt were like 2 kids in this shop. It was great, and we had so much choice that we just couldn't decide what to buy! Although secretly we just wanted to take it all home..