Exploring The Roman Baths, Bath

One of my favourite and most memorable parts of our trip to the city of Bath, was in fact visiting the Roman Baths. It really was like taking a huge step back in time.

As you first walk in, you get to see the Roman Baths straight away, and then walk around the top to to the other side. As you are walking around, you have a handheld device which you listen to like a phone. There are different numbers that you type at different spots when you're walking through, to explain what you can see.

We listened to most of them as we went through because we found it really interesting and wanted to get the most out of the experience.
There were also quite a few special audio's by Bill Bryson which you could listen to, which we genuinely loved. He was quite witty in his commentary but also looked past what you could see and it was really cool listening to his genuine thoughts about the Roman Bath's.


Once you've walked around the top, there is quite a lot to look at inside as well. It takes you through what they found when they discovered the Bath's, such as bags of coins and little bits of statue.

At one point, there was also some running water coming out of the wall and you could see all of the steam coming from it because it was so hot. Pretty cool, huh.


This photo below was another bath off to the side, which we got to see as well.


Once you've gone through all of that, you then get to the main Roman Bath down below. We wasn't allowed to actually touch the water (as tempting as it was), but as we held our hands out over it you could feel the heat coming from it.

the roman baths 13.jpg
the roman baths 18.jpg

Even while you're wandering around the Roman Bath's, you can still glimpse at the beautiful buildings surrounding it.

the roman baths 9.jpg

We slowly walked around the Bath taking in each angle, still wanting to make the most of it all and it was kinda relaxing to be honest!

the roman baths 20.jpg
the roman baths 22.jpg
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