Breakfast at The Thoughtful Bread Company Café, Bath


One of my highlights from my weekend trip to Bath, was this breakfast trip to a little café by the Thoughtful Bread Company.

We decided not to book breakfast at the hotel, as we wanted to do something different out of our usual routine on a weekend away.


As we was exploring the city on Saturday, we walked past this very lovely looking café when we was on our way to look at the Circus and the Royal Crescent.

It was in the afternoon and it was so busy! So we knew it must be good and decided that we would head there the next morning for some yummy breakfast.


We got there in the morning, expecting it to be busy but we were in fact the only ones in there! We're not complaining though, it was super nice having this whole café to ourselves.

The furniture seemed to be recycled from it's previous life into this seating area, which I thought was pretty cool and gave it an old-fashioned look while still looking modern.


Matt opted for a very picturesque cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich. The bacon was served in some lovely, fresh bread with homemade tomato sauce. This was a big thumbs up from Matt - he said it was delicious and loved the homemade touch.

I went for a nice, cold orange juice and a fresh pain au chocolate. I thought that the pain au chocolate was huge and I couldn't eat it all so of course, Matt finished it off. It was really light and yummy though.

Both breakfasts came out on a wooden chopping board engraved with their company logo, which I thought was a really unique touch to the café. Life is all about the little things, after all.


And that is it for our little breakfast trip in Bath!

I will be sharing all of my photos from my weekend away, but I took so many that I thought it would be best to do it in snippets. I won't be doing it in time order so I hope that isn't confusing. But I reallllly wanted to start with my café shots because I love them so much and couldn't wait!


Lots more will be coming soon, and I hope you're having an amazing and inspiring new year so far!

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