My 5 Tips On How To Feel Better

When I'm feeling down, there are always certain things that I can do that I know will make me feel better.

I am definitely one of those people that when I get sad, I really struggle to snap out of that mood and can just continue on a vicious circle for ages before I am like, enough is enough - pull yourself together girl!

I have got into this circle so many times, that I've started to learn what I can do that will make me feel better and happier.

So I have put together my 5 personal tips on what helps me, and hopefully they can help you in any sort of way too!


1. Have a clear out

If there is anything that makes me feel happy, it is tidying and organising. I love it! If I'm feeling down, I like to go through all of my products - throw out anything that is old or that I haven't used in forever. 
I also love finding or coming across things that I completely forgot I had!

But don't just go through your make up or skin care products, go through your wardrobe as well! I have quite a few clothes that don't make me feel good, but I keep them anyway just in case I ever feel like wearing them or may need them.
But when I do wear them, I feel the same as I normally do in them which isn't great - and that's no good.
If you have any clothes that you do not feel happy and confident in, sell them or donate them to charity.


2. A tidy space is a tidy mind

Carrying on from my first tip - tidy, tidy, tidy! If there is any mess around me, things on the floor or across my coffee table - it stresses me out.

If I'm feeling bored or unhappy, cleaning the house normally sorts out a few of those feelings. When the house is clean, it really does make me feel good.
Because once a space is clean and tidy - it feels fresh and new. And that leaves me feeling kinda like that too.
I genuinely feel like life is sorted when everything is clean and organised, because then you can focus on other things instead!


3. Do my hair and make-up for the day

This one could seem pretty simple, and could be something that you do every day anyway. But sometimes, I just have those days when I feel like I really can't be bothered to get ready and that I'm not going to put any effort into myself that day.

Wrong decision! When I do this, I obviously do not look my best and therefore I do not feel my best. 

This month, I have started putting that little bit more effort into myself and it has made me feel better in myself than I used to.
I don't put loads of make up on, but I put on what I like to which is pretty much the basics. It's quick in the mornings because I'm not a fan of getting up early but it still makes me feel good.

I never used to do my hair, I literally just used to leave it or put it up - but no more! Even if it's a little straighten here or a little curling there, it makes the world of difference to my hair and looks so much better.


4. Socialise with family and friends

If there's one single thing that I do when I'm not okay, it is to go home and see my family or to go out and see my best friend.

For me, nothing beats a really good chat. Talking about the good and the bad stuff, getting it all off of your chest and feeling ten times better after.


5. Be active

This is a tip that I am trying to work on - being active.
If I'm being honest, I am definitely not an exercise kind of girl and I don't enjoy going to the gym. But I do like walking and going out to the shops or something like that...
To me that's being active, especially when I spend so much time at home lazing around if you get me.

So whether that's popping out with my mum or my best friend, wandering around shops or literally just going for a little walk even if it's just to the post box down the road.
Little bits like that and getting outside in the fresh air always makes me feel better and ready to tackle life!

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