My Hair Saviours

Only a couple of weeks ago, I had let my hair get into a serious state before eventually it got to a point when I had to get it cut.
Literally, my mum said to me "Claire, you need a haircut. I'm booking it for you."

It had been well over a year since my last one and I had been at the stage of not caring about my hair at all for probably about that long as well.

But oh my goshhh. Now I've got it cut I genuinely feel refreshed and new and wondering why I hadn't done this sooner.
So if anyone is like me, get your haircut, go go go!

So now I actually like my hair, I also like looking after it too. I have specific products that I know really suit my hair (thin but lots of it) and works wonders for me.
And these products, I am sharing with you in this post right here!


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Who can get by in life without a little dry shampoo?! Not me.
I really do love this stuff, and they have so many different smells. It always take me forever to choose what one I'd like haha.

Dry shampoo really can seriously save my hair sometimes, especially as I'm trying to get into the habit of washing my hair less.
I used to wash it every day, and now I couldn't imagine such a thing!


Aussie Repair Miracle Conditioner

I think that this conditioner is amazing. 
I used to really like my OGX Coconut Water conditioner, but I feel like my hair's got really used to it now and doesn't make too much of a difference.
Which is why I picked this newbie up!

Aussie is such a good brand for hair products, and isn't over priced when you take into account the quality.
This conditioner leaves my ends feeling super soft and healthy, without using too much product.

The only thing I don't like about this is how small the bottle is, so it's good that I don't use that much and only every other day!


Batiste Styling Spray

As someone who has quite fine hair, it often goes very flat and boring. And I really don't like my hair when it's like that.

I have tried quite a few volumising sprays but none of them work quite like this one does.

I'm not sure if this is the right term, but I feel like it's quite powerful and I have to be careful how much I'm spraying on my hair otherwise it will just look plain awful!
But with this, a little bit goes a long way and it's really good at volumising my hair and keeping it there for longer!


L'Oreal Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray

Before I blow dry my hair, I always make sure that I use a heat protect spray and this one I have been using for forever and is amazing. Not to mention, that it smells really amazing too!

It does what it says on the tin and protects my hair from the heat.
But what I really like about this, is that my hair is always that bit more volumised after blow drying than if I didn't use this. Which is a big thumbs up from me!

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