Getting Excited For Autumn

I do like the Summer, but if anyone knows me, they know that I don't do too great in the heat. But, I think that the one thing that I will miss - is being able to sit outside when going out for dinner or out for a drink. That's always suuuuper nice.

Anyway my absolute favourite season has to be Autumn. When it starts to get a little colder and you can start to wear your jackets. Not to mention, you know you're getting closer to Winter (which means Christmas eek).

I know what you're thinking - it seems like everyone is looking forward to Autumn. But with very good reason and you should be too!
So I thought that I would share with you all of the reasons why I'm excited for Autumn.


Staying indoors

When it gets colder, I no longer feel guilty about staying inside - especially if it's raining. I probably spend most of my time indoors if I'm honest (I know, I need to get out more)
But Autumn is for staying in, watching films and series, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling on the sofa - which is what I do best.


Changing colours

Autumn is such a pretty month because all of the leaves on the trees are changing colours & falling to the ground.
Not just outdoors though, your can switch up your make-up too with darker lipsticks and more dramatic eyes. Berry coloured lipsticks are a favourite of mine!


Getting cosy

Whether that's your knit jumper, hat or scarf - it's time to start getting cosy and keeping warm!
I loooovveee knits and I can't wait to start wearing mine again.
Not to mention boots - I can't wait to start wearing boots again. I'm in definite need of a new pair this season. I've got black, but I think I need a grey pair - what do you think?


Home decor

I really love home decor when it gets colder, and not to mention all the scented candles. I especially love when it gets to Halloween and Christmas, festive decorations are always fun!



When it gets colder, I find that I do a lot more baking. When it's in the warmer months, our kitchen gets so hot and cooking and baking is pretty awful.
But when it gets colder, it's not so bad. I feel less guilty eating comfort food in this season too, so all the more reason for baked goodies!

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