A Weekend In Brighton - Day 2

So the other weekend, me & Matt headed to Brighton for the weekend!

The weather was sunny and warm for some of it, but it was mainly VERY windy with on and off showers. But we still had a really nice time away despite of that.

It was so nice to get out of the norm for a little bit and be somewhere different. Sometimes I can get so stuck in my routines, that I forget what is outside of that. But I came back feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

We went up on the Saturday morning and come back on the Sunday afternoon.

So I thought that I would do a part one and a part two of our trip, so you can see what we got up to each day.

So the Saturday was quite chilled out, and we started out with walking around all the little streets and shops.

One of my favourite things about Brighton was how decorative it was. Bunting was everywhere which I could not get enough photos of, with lots of flowers and trees placed around the streets. 
It's the little things like this that made it feel really nice to be there, and honestly I would love to live there!

When we got hungry, we decided to have a pub lunch. We sat right next to the window and the sun was shining.

After that, it was a lot more walking with some chilled out time. And in the evening, we went to Ask Italian for dinner which was delicious.

After we ate, we headed out onto the Pier and had some churros before we went up on the British Airways i360
The BA i360 was only £13.50 each which I thought was an absolute bargain! It lasted half an hour which I thought was long enough, and the views were incredible.