December Goals

This may be a little late, but better late then never right?!

It has hit December and freezing all at the same time. The weather has been quite mild up until recently, but it is really wintery and cold now.

I have all of my Christmas decorations up and am feeling all festive now. I love seeing all of the lights going up outside people's houses too.

Have you got your decorations up yet, and what are your goals for this month?

01. Do a bit of DIY for Christmas

I am trying to save a few pennies this December, after seriously over-spending for Christmas last year. So, I thought that I would do a bit of DIY.

I have already made some gift tags. They're nothing special and look a bit silly, but that's okay.
I'm going to be making some Christmas cards as well, I best get started on those pretty soon actually!

02. Up my Instagram game

I was doing pretty well with Instagram last month (I thought so anyway haha). I was taking lots of photos, editing and scheduling them.
I sort of seemed to have forgotten about it a bit and need to get back into it. I only have about 2 photos taken and ready to put up. But I want to try and have a week's worth at the beginning of each week.

03. Get back into blogging (as soon as I have the internet)

We are currently in the process of switching our TV and broadband supplier over, which means our internet has been cut for a little bit.
I have definitely been taking wifi for granted and am feeling soo impatient to get it back.

I am writing this on a Sunday afternoon whilst at my mum's for some family time (and to use the internet too).

All of the new stuff is meant to be being installed this Saturday coming (the 10th) so not too much longer to wait!
But I really want to start getting back into blogging and posting more often.

04. Treat myself

I probably only have about 3 jumpers, and now that it is super chilly I really need some more.
I don't really like to buy myself that much, but I've decided that I need to treat myself to a couple of wintery bits.

I'm on the hunt for some warm, chunky knits to add to my wardrobe so if you have any shop suggestions please let me know!

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