January Goals

Hello January and 2017! It is officially the first month of the year which also means some goals need to put in place.

I haven't done a yearly goals because I never really keep to them to be completely honest. Creating small goals each month works well for me so I'm going to stick to that!

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I hope you have an amazing New Year. I'd love to know what you got up to as some inspiration for next year!

01. Actually get back into blogging

In my December goals, I said that I wanted to get back into blogging. Well, turns out that didn't really happen.
Christmas came along and I've been quite busy which I am definitely not complaining about, sometimes it's great to be busy!
But now I'm super ready to dive back in. 

02. Have a great birthday!

This month I turn 22, and I'm actually quite excited about it. It's on a Friday so I really want to make a weekend of it this year!

03. Pick up some inspiring books

I recently put up a book wishlist on my blog which you can read here. I have also asked for a few books for my birthday which look to be quite an inspiring and informative read.
I have got back into reading, and I'm fancying reading more books like this rather than stories.

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