Podcasts I'm Listening To #ep1

Podcasts are something that are relatively new to me as I've only started listening to them in recent months, and there are definitely some that I relate to more than others.

There are so many out there, that you're almost guaranteed to find something for you. So I really wanted to start sharing the ones that I am loving.

I'd also love to hear what you think of podcasts and if you have any that you're listening to that you really like as well!


So the podcast that I really wanted to mention is the Gemma Sands - Free To Flourish Radio. I felt it was only right to mention this one first because it was in fact the first podcast that I ever listened to, and because I love it too (of course).


Why this podcast?

So I thought I would talk about my favourite episode of this podcast series because it is something that really relates to me and how am I feeling at the moment. And that podcast is season 1, episode 3 and it's all about living in alignment.
This particular episode is 9 minutes long which is short and sweet. A lot of these podcasts aren't too long which suits me to be honest!


about this podcast

In the podcasts Gemma will asks questions, so for example in this one she said 'why am I not achieving?' and 'why are things not going the way that I want them to?' and I hear myself saying that's me! I love that because it makes you feel like you're involved in the podcast and that's kinda cool.

Don't worry though because you're not left hanging, you'll always be offered the solutions to the questions. In this podcast, she explained that you need to align your thoughts and your actions with what you want to achieve. Does our lifestyle match our values? And if we are worrying or panicking about something, then we're not living in alignment with what we want. We need to believe in ourselves and work towards our goals.

A great example used was 'are you being the kind of partner to someone, the way you want your partner to be' and that one really spoke to me. 
If you read my blog you'll know that I have a partner (Matt), and when you have been in a long term relationship with someone you can find yourself getting relaxed and comfortable - which is great! But not if you stop doing those little things that make them happy.


my thoughts

I am the kind of person that needs motivational talking and affirmations to get me inspired and motivated which is what Gemma does in her podcasts. So after I've listened to one I'm always like 'yeah, I can do this!' which is a great feeling.

What I also love about these podcasts is that Gemma gives her own examples as well (makes you feel not so alone), of what she has experienced and how she has overcome or resolved them. In this one she'd say that she used to feel like maybe she wasn't good enough, or that maybe she wasn't doing the right thing. But then that wasn't in alignment of what she wanted so she needed to overcome those thoughts.

I'm pretty sure that we all feel like that sometimes, I know I do! But it's super important to work on yourself to make sure that you don't get yourself down (working on this).

Gemma's solution in her podcast was that she likes to set reminders on her phone or put up post-it notes of positive quotes and affirmations because that's what helps her. If that helps you too then great! If not, then you've been given a starting point to find what does work for you.


I really do recommend this podcast, and I know that podcasts aren't for everyone but they are so easy to listen to. Whether you're walking to work, on your lunch break or doing the washing up, it's nice to have something else to concentrate on and listen to.

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