My Book Wishlist

I am a complete book lover, and there are so many books that I would really love in my life at the moment (and on display after I've read them, most of them are super pretty).

They are mainly inspirational because of course, they are my favourite kind.
I also love reading about people who have been successful in their own path, because if they can do it - why can't I?!

I am currently reading Estee LaLonde's book 'Bloom' and I am in love with it. I feel so inspired when reading it and it sorta makes me want to "get up and go" - you know?

Anyway let's get onto my book wishlist, and feel free to let me know what's on yours too!


The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force

This book looks so fun to read, but also an easy read as well. 
It would be one of those books that you could pick up at any time and look at any page. If you had this on your coffee table, your friends & family would be able to just pick it up quickly too.

It's all about fashion and beauty (all about that life) with a bit of food in there as well!
I also love the look of Fleur's other book 'The Luxe Life' and not to mention how photogenic it looks.


Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

Aimee Song is one of my favourite instagrammers. Her photos are always on point and are so creative as well.
I love the fact that almost every photo, it maybe every photo actually, is captured with the iPhone.

Instagram is such a big part of social media now, that I can imagine this book would actually be very helpful as well as interesting.
I'd love to see just how she captures her photos for all different kinds of things for the 'perfect' Instagram photo.


Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness

I'm pretty sure we all know what hygge is by now, as it's been talked about for a little while now.
But I can see why because it just seems so interesting!

If you don't know, then what is hygge? It means "creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge, and friends and family is hygge too."

I feel like this just speaks to me because little things like a candle flickering in the corner, make me sorta, very happy.
I know that I could really relate to this hygge business and can't wait to read all about it one day (soon hopefully).

There is also 'The Little Book of Hygge' as well which looks just as good.

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