L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream Review

If you haven't guessed already, I am going to be talking about the L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream. The one that you can buy which is specifically for redness on your skin.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my skin can get quite red - especially on my cheeks.
Which is why I decided to pick this little guy up.

I purchased this in the summer, as I wanted something lighter than a foundation. However, after using this once it has stayed in my make up drawer ever since!


The product

This CC cream is meant to work with your natural tone to reduce the appearance of redness on your skin.
When squeezing this out of the tube, it is a green liquid which transforms into foundation when applied to the skin.
It's described as a light coverage but also buildable.


My thoughts

When purchasing this product, I noticed that there wasn't any variations in shade available. I have very pale skin so I did wonder if this would work for me at the time, but did assume that it would be okay because it works with your natural tone.

Unfortunately, it didn't work with my natural tone at all and was far too orange for my skin.

In my photo below, I applied some to my hand and then wiped a section away with a bit of micellar water. This was to show how the colour difference looks on my skin - it's just so orange for me.

I did find the coverage to be very lightweight so great for the hotter weather or if you prefer BB or CC creams over foundation.
But as well as the colour difference, it also seemed to be very thick on my skin too. So I when I wore this, I really felt like I had caked my make up on but had very little coverage at the same time - it was pretty strange to be honest.


And so...

I think that this product just doesn't suit me at all. It doesn't seem to work with my pale skin tone, so if you're pale too - I definitely wouldn't recommend this.

However, my mum loves this! Her skin is naturally darker than mine and suits her skin tone very well. I think she uses this quite a lot actually, as my mum doesn't very often wear foundation and prefers something like a CC or BB cream.

BeautyClaire Wakefield