The Cake & Bake Show

Last weekend, I headed up to the Cake and Bake Show in London. 
I honestly hadn't heard of this show before just over month ago. So this year was the first time that I've been, and to be honest it was exactly how I would have expected it to be!

The show was full of stalls selling all different kinds of baking bits. They also offered workshops that you could go to which I think could be pretty fun! 

I went on the Sunday and it was soo busy! I literally had to cram my way through crowds of people at some points where it was so overcrowded.

I only ended up buying myself a couple of cakes (that were delicious) from the stall shown in my last two photos. 
But now I'm home, I'm wishing I had bought myself a couple more bits. Do any of you ever do that? At the time you're not sure but then later on you're like, I wish I picked that up!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend & have a happy start to the week.
I hope my photos don't make you too hungry!

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