5 Good Habits For Your Skin

Since the beginning of this year, I have got myself into some habits that I believe are really good for my skin.
By sticking to these 5 habits I have seen a huge difference in my skin, make up or no make up.

My skin is a lot brighter and clearer than it used to be. I used to get spots quite a lot but that has really calmed down now, and I only get them every so often.
Also I never realised this before, but my make up sits a lot nicer on my skin now too. I used to think that it was the make up, but now my skin is better I realise how wrong I was! 

So, if you're interested in what my 5 good habits are that I always do for my skin, just keep on reading...


1. Always completely remove your make up

This is something that I have absolutely always done as this is something that I've got from my mum. Because what she says makes complete sense, why would you want to sleep with all that on your skin?
You need to let your skin breathe.

At the end of the day, I first of all use micellar water to break down some of my make up.
A new step that I've only recently added in but I think makes a huge difference, is cleansing oil. I use this to remove even more of my make up before then going in with my face cleanser.
Once I've cleansed, I go in with micellar water on a cotton pad one more time, just to make sure that everything is removed.


2. Use a toner

I never used to use a toner, as I didn't really understand what it did or what difference it would make in my skin care routine.

But, now I've found my perfect toner (the La Roche-Posay Serozinc) which I use every morning and night, I have really seen a difference in my skin.
It's sort of like an extra step in cleansing and removing your make up, but it really soothes and refreshes my skin too.


3. Take some time off from wearing make up

I normally like to go make up free at least once a week - whether that's a Saturday morning or a whole day on Sunday.

I find that if I go on wearing make up for days on end, my skin gets so clogged up and dull looking. But taking the take to go without it really lets my skin breathe and recharge, I personally notice a whole world of difference from doing this.


4. Use a face mask regularly

Using a face mask is also something that I have gotten into only recently, and my favourite one that I've tried would have to be the Origins charcoal mask.

I try to use this once a week, but honestly sometimes it's every two weeks. But when I'm having a little bit of a pamper, I like to put a face mask on.

The Origins one in particular is really good at putting all of the dirt out of your pores and refreshing the skin, it's such a pain to get off though! But once it is, my skin looks smooth and super clean, I really love it.


5. Drink lots of water

This could be a tip you have heard a lot but that is because it is so true!
I didn't use to like the taste of water so I never used to drink it but now I drink it alllll the time. All day, errdaay.

Water keeps your skin looking hydrated and healthy, and is possibly one of the number one beauty tips of all time!

BeautyClaire Wakefield