What To Do On A Sunday Morning..

My typical Sunday normally consists of doing nothing much at all - I know, exciting right?

But it is because of this, that I can lack some serious "get up and go". I end up spending my mornings being a couch potato, and then I can end up feeling pretty miserable to be completely honest.

That doesn't mean that it always needs to be like that though - but things won't change if you don't do anything differently

So if you're a bit like me and end up getting a little lazy because sometimes, you honestly just don't know what to do with yourself in your time off. Then here are just some ideas of what you can do with your Sunday morning...


1. Take the time to make a proper breakfast

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, but I don't put as much effort into it as I would like to.
I always rush my breakfast because I wake up every morning soo hungry that I just can't wait! But I think on Sunday's, it would be really nice to take the time to make yourself a really nice breakfast.
If you live with someone as well, it's nice to make a proper meal out of something and sit down to eat it together.


2. Have a tidy up

Sunday's are the days (as much as we hate it) for preparing for the week ahead. So why not start your next week all clean and tidy?
Take the time to go through your fridge, throw out anything that's old and organise the rest so you can see everything you've got. Same for your food cupboards, go through those too!
And I just like to have a general tidy around the house and make sure everything is in it's right place. 
Every so often, it's also quite nice to have a de-clutter of clothes and beauty products. I normally do this when the seasons change though!


3. Reflect and plan

Now this is something I'd like to start doing, and that's writing things down.
I've started listening to motivating podcasts, and one of the things that I picked up this week was to reflect on things in a journal of some sort.
So at the end of the week, take however long you want just to jot down how your week went, good and not so good.
And then write down goals for the next week and what you want to achieve. This is to give you motivation because you've given yourself something to work towards, whether big or small.
I'm looking forward to giving this a go, please let me know if you do too!

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