Rimmel Kate No.45 - My Current Favourite Lipstick

Hi, I hope that you are having a great week!
I am really into lipstick at the moment, so I wanted to share with you my current favourite for my blog post today!

I bought this last year I think, but I haven't worn it that much up until recently. But I think that this is such a perfect colour for me.
It's a very natural looking lipstick, especially for somebody as pale as myself.


The product

Okay so this Rimmel lipstick is from the Kate Nude Collection, and it is the number 45.
I haven't tried any other shades from the range, but they look gorgeous too!

Saying that, I'll probably have to pick those up because I love this one so, so much!


My thoughts

This is so moisturising making it really comfortable to wear and doesn't crack on your lips. I am all about the comfort, because I hate the feeling of a really matte lipstick as it's so drying.

This lipstick isn't very long lasting, so you will need to re-apply this throughout the day a couple of times maybe.
But it's a very creamy lipstick so I sort of don't expect it to last like a matte lipstick would. I love the moisture so it doesn't bother me too much having to re-apply this.

This is also super affordable at only £5.49 - you really can't go wrong!


And so...

All in all - this neutral shade would go with any skin tone and with any make up look, so would be a great addition to your lipsticks if you don't have this already.
I feel like this is a perfect shade for every season too, so you won't just get to use it for half the year!

If you've got this lipstick from the Kate Nude Collection already or have just picked it up, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this too. :-)

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