Every Day Eyes

If there's one thing I love, it's a natural make up look. When people can tell that you're wearing make up which you've done nicely and put effort into, but it's not overdone.
Simple and subtle.

My favourite and most used palette for this would be my Maybelline Nude Palette. I love all of the colours, especially the really light and grey colours, which are the ones that I normally use in my every day looks. 

This is my only eyeshadow palette where I've actually made dents in the pans where I use them so much!

I really like this palette and the shades, not to mention how affordable these are as well. I'm pretty sure these colours would suit everybody as well.
It's nice and compact, so fits really well if you'd like to take this away for travelling too!

I couldn't recommend this palette enough and if you haven't got this, you definitely should pick it up because it's such a bargain.


The Crease

I used a very light brown in the crease at first as the transition shade. I worked this from the outer to the inner part of my eye lid.

The outer corner of the crease

Here I worked a darker brown in to the outer part of my crease, and a little bit on the outer part of my lid.
This gives it more of a gradient look with more definition.

The inner part of the lid

This is where I packed a nude shade onto the inner part of my lid, in order to make my eyes look a bit brighter.

BeautyClaire Wakefield