Autumn Beauty Picks

Left: Maybelline Keep It Classy, Right: No7 Raspberry Wine

Left: Maybelline Keep It Classy, Right: No7 Raspberry Wine

I always switch my make up with the seasons, and Autumn is my absolutely favourite for make up. So I thought that I would share with you my favourite beauty picks for this Autumn!

All of these aren't actually new, these are all products that I used last year and will still use this year because I love them.

So let's get going!


Urban Decay Naked Palette

This palette is one of my most used palettes because I love the shades in this one. They are really great for this time of year, I normally like do a sort of light, smokey eye.
When it gets to Christmas it's always nice to use some glitter too, and the shimmers in this palette are really nice for that as well.


No7 Liquid Liner

Through this whole summer, I have rarely worn black eyeliner - I normally like to wear brown because it's lighter.
But when it gets darker, I like to go a bit more dramatic and go for black.

So when it comes to this particular liquid liner, I really like how black it is and how it dries on my lid.
But ohhh myyyy, I struggle so much to apply this. If anyone else has this problem with this sort of liner, please let me know!
I'm wondering if I could be the only one. Am I doing it completely wrong? Because I always get it in my eyelashes.


No7 Lip Crayon (shade: raspberry wine)

Doesn't the name of this lip crayon just make you wanna buy it? It just sounds lovely!

I really love the No7 lip crayons because they are so moisturising and comfortable to wear. 
The only thing would be that you do need to keep an eye on it, and also reapply because they don't last too long.

This particular one is a really lovely darker shade that isn't too much, but you can still see that colour.


Maybelline Lip Crayon (shade: keep it classy)

This lip crayon is more of a darker, purple colour. I only wear this if I'm feeling a bit daring and confident, otherwise I sort of shy away from it.

But I'm trying to be more comfortable in experimenting with different colours of make up and things - but we'll see how that goes.

This lip crayon is also a lovely colour and is so affordable. It is a more of a dry formula in comparison to the No7 lip crayon.
So I find this one to be longer lasting, but I still feel like I need to keep an eye on it in case of smudges and all that!

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