ASOS Wishlist

So I thought that it was about time for an ASOS wish list...

The weather is so hot here in the UK at the moment, and my wardrobe is so inadequate for it. It's got me looking through ASOS a lot and saving a few items that I really wish I had right now.

It's all a bit of a mix from clothes to shoes, to accessories to stationary. It's probably the most girly wish list I have ever had, but I feel like my style has changed more towards that way recently.

I never used to like dresses at all, but now I quite like them and how feminine they can look. I also love the 'off the shoulder' look right now, I find it so flattering. So expect to see a lot of that in a few moments when you scroll down my wish list!


Do you think that you will be picking any of these bits up?