My 'To Read' Pile


For the past couple of weeks, I have been dedicating some time in my evenings and even some of my lunch breaks at work to a book.

I feel like life has been super stressful lately, and indulging myself in a book really takes that stress away. Saying this, I have recently been a lot more relaxed than usual - this could be why?!

Me, my sister and my mum all like to read so books normally get passed around quite a bit, meaning I have ended up with a large bag full of books to read! I'm actually pretty excited to start going through them all, and there are a few that I definitely would like to read first.

Necessary Lies

My sister gave this book to me so long ago, and I can't wait to finally start reading this one. I read a couple of pages into this book and I already love the descriptive writing style. I feel like this one could be bit of a heart-wrencher but also a good story, possibly bringing up almost forgotten problems in society such as poverty and social work.

The Missing

The only thriller that I have previously read is 'Girl On The Train' - and I have to say that is probably one of my least favourite books ever (not because it was a thriller, because of how it was wrote). But I am looking forward to getting stuck into this one. It sounds really gripping and is probably a book that I'll finish in no time at all because I won't be able to put it down. It has been described as spine-chilling and creepy and I'm really interested to find out how.

Behind Closed Doors

This pick is another thriller about a married couple who's life seems to be very different behind closed doors to what they portray. I think this book will be another one that I won't be able to put down, because I'll be so interested in the why's and the how's on what's behind the marriage. I think I might actually read this one first!