Taking A Break

I haven't written a blog post in what feels like forever and I'm feeling so, so guilty about it! But as I'm typing this one I'm already starting to feel a little better and like I'm getting something off my chest...

I honestly just hit a phase where I just lost all of my inspiration. One minute there were ideas spilling out of my head, and then literally nothing.

This week has left me feeling so exhausted, I couldn't even begin to describe it. And I really cannot wait for this weekend because I really need some rest and TLC. It's Friday tomorrow and it really couldn't come sooner!

I haven't been busy physically, but more mentally which has left me feeling pretty tired. I have spent more time thinking than doing, with about a billion thoughts whirring around my head 24/7.

I've got behind on a lot which has left me playing catch up, which always makes me grumpy because I like to always be ahead and organised.

Anyway, enough of the chit chat before I start to bore anyone! I'm going to write myself a nice and easy to-do list to get me off to a good start this weekend, and to try and keep me productive as well as being suuuuper relaxed.

I hope you are feeling good wherever you are and whatever you're doing, life's too short to be unhappy! :-)