5 Ways To Relax At The End Of The Day

As soon as I get home, all I want to do is kick my feet up and relax after a long day at work. And believe it or not, relaxing is harder than you think!

It has taken me such a long time to master the art of relaxing.

I would normally bring stress home with me and still try to do more in a couple of hours that a normal person would do in a couple of days. I'd never give any time to myself and what I wanted to do until I actually burnt out and became so unhappy because I was so stressed all the time.

It was when I burnt out that I started to make changes and take more care of myself, and this started with learning to simply, relax.

So I decided to put together my top tips for relaxing after your day, in the hope that it will help some of you like it has me. And if you have any tips of your own please feel free to share them!

Quote 1

When I get home, I normally like to light a candle because it instantly relaxes me. It also makes our house feel a lot more homely which is always comforting.

Candles are also used for aromatherapy because they create an atmosphere and stimulate your senses which reduces your stress levels.

I personally like to have them lit when we're eating dinner, watching tv or doing general bits about the house but do what suits you!


This may have been a pretty obvious one, but sometimes there is nothing better than music. I am a lover of the acoustic versions of songs and those songs where you can relate to every lyric.

So listen to your favourite album and you'll already be feeling better.


I normally like to sit and read my book in bed, and I like to do this because it literally sends me off to sleep. When I'm reading, I become so relaxed that it actually makes me incredibly tired! I normally find that I sleep a lot better that night as well.

Books are so educational, I really think that everyone should invest their time into a book every now and then.

'You' Time

I like to spend probably about an hour or so every day catching up on what I'm interested in - this is mainly YouTube and blog posts! I love watching videos about beauty tips, style and travel. In terms of blogs, I mainly like reading about travel and lifestyle because you can get an insight into somebody else's day to day life which is always interesting. Both of these pretty much always give me some sort of inspiration to take away and put into my life.

This is what I enjoy doing so I make time for it every day, and you should do the same with whatever you enjoy doing whether that's cooking, sports, reading, etc.


This tip is related to the above one on making time for you, and this one is to treat yourself.

I always feel so much better about myself if I have done a bit of pampering. This can be anything from painting your nails, to doing a hair or face mask, to shaving your legs or doing a bit of self tan.

Whatever makes you feel good about yourself, you should do. Because if you're feeling good about yourself, you're feeling happy which also means that you're more relaxed.