Origins Charcoal Mask

Origins Charcoal Face Mask

I really wanted to do a post about the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask, because it has literally changed my skin and in a very good way.

This charcoal mask was actually recommend to me by my best friend, and I am SO glad that she did because it is incredible and I am so in love with it. I use this product every Sunday, and I'm not even joking when I say I look forward to using this every week.

Okay so, the purpose of the mask is to clear out your pores which is exactly what I was looking for.

As described by Origins, the charcoal in this product acts like a magnet to draw out pore cloggers. And what I really, really love about this is that you can actually feel this mask pulling at your skin to get the dirt out of your pores. It honestly amazes me every time I use this.

It also says that after using this, your skin is left looking clear and perfectly pure. YES I completely agree with this, it is exactly how my skin looks afterwards.

Origins Charcoal Face Mask Review
The Application

Before I use this mask, I always cleanse my face first to make sure that all of my make up is removed. Once I have done this, I make my skin slightly damp and then apply this face mask all over avoiding the eye and mouth area.

As soon as the product is dry, then it is time to take it off. Although, I normally leave this on for a little longer.

I have to say that this mask is slightly difficult to remove. I only use warm water and it takes a good couple of minutes of rubbing your face to get it off. This is only a small inconvenience for me, because the result of this product makes it all worth it.

The Result

After using the Origins Charcoal mask my skin feels so smooth and soft that I don't even need to moisturise afterwards.

My pores look visibly reduced, which I guess in turn helps to avoid spots in the future. And thinking about it, I haven't been getting as many since I started using this product, and I especially haven't had any of those really painful blind spots - hate those. So this has definitely helped my skin in that area!

I have also noticed that my skin is not looking as red as it used to, which is a huge bonus for me because I have quite a bit of redness on my cheeks that wasn't budging.

And lastly, before using this I was feeling that my skin looked very dull. But after using this every week for just over a month, my skin is looking a lot brighter than it was and this lasts throughout the week.


As you will know by now, I absolutely love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone. It has really helped my skin so much better than I thought any product could to be honest and am so impressed by the results.

Big thumbs up from me!