Wednesday Reading

Cosmo Magazine Collage

I went to the shop the other day and picked up a few magazines.

I go through stages with magazines where I buy them every month and love them, then I sort of forget about them and don't buy any for ages. Then I remember that I love them and start buying them again.

So one of the magazines that I picked up was Cosmopolitan. If I could only ever buy one magazine, it would definitely be this one. They write about everything I like such as beauty, style and general life topics. I love the celebrity interviews as well, they are always pretty interesting to read. This month they spoke to Scarlett Johansson who I LOVE! I think that she is so incredible and inspiring and beautiful.

I always try to take inspiration from everything that I read and I took quite a bit from this month's Cosmo issue.

Reading Magazine

They did a 6 page spread on skirts which really caught my eye. I think I only have one skirt in my wardrobe which I haven't even worn yet. & now it's a lot warmer here in the UK, I definitely want to invest in a couple more skirts to wear this summer.

They also did a section on sandals which I looooved. Flatforms are definitely on trend this year, and I absolutely love this style of shoe. I think that they always look nice and really elongate your legs which is great for me because I don't exactly have the longest legs ever.

Reading Magazine 1

In the beauty section, they talked about products that give you the dewy look. If you know your beauty trends, you will know that it is all about that dewiness at the moment so I was super happy that they included this.

One product that they mentioned was the The Body Shop Instablur. It's a primer that seals in hydration as well as controlling shine and blurring fine lines. I'm not sure about you, but I need this. It's only £14 which I don't think is too pricey either. I have only ever bought skin care from The Body Shop, so I'm interested to see what their beauty range is like.

And that is that about what inspiration I picked up from this month's Cosmopolitan magazine. I know this is a slightly unusual post, but I wanted to do something more casual and chatty than normal. I think magazines are a great way to see what is currently on trend and get some life advice as well, they're almost like a girl's best friend.