The Swim Wear Stop

It's that time of year when everyone is starting to jet off on holidays or at least planning to, so there's lots of summer shopping going down.

I don't currently have a break away booked yet, but I am always looking at places to go. So hopefully I'll be booking up somewhere amazing soon.

I am been doing some serious internet browsing recently, because there is just so much that I love at the moment! I probably have about 100 things in my ASOS saved items alone... And I especially love all of the swim wear out this year. So I have put together my favourites in the form of bikinis and swimsuits from pretty much all different brands. I really hope this gives you some inspiration and the same excitement I have for the summer!

Bikini Collage 1
Bikini Collage 2
Swimsuit Collage 1
Swimsuit Collage 2
StyleClaire Wakefield