Smashbox 'Crush On Blush' Palette

This is my most recent beauty purchase and I think I got this last month. I have been after a palette that contains blush, bronzer and highlighter for absolutely ages. I have been looking at so many different ones and reading millions of reviews before finally deciding what one to get.

And as I'm sure you have already guessed, I went for the Smashbox Crush On Blush Palette.

This retails at £35 which I think is pretty reasonable. It comes with a bronzer, highlighter and 4 different shades of blush. If you bought all of those products individually, it would have cost a lot more (the perfect excuse to buy a palette).

I really loved that this palette had 4 different shades of blush, as I really wanted to expand my blush collection so this was perfect for me and probably the main reason why I picked this particular one. I also don't own anything from Smashbox and really wanted to try a new brand of make up.

The palette and the swatches

I am in love with the huge mirror on this, it would be perfect for travelling. I also really love the packaging which you can see in my application photos.


This product is really pigmented which I hope you can tell by the swatches. When I first used this product on my face, I didn't realise it was quite so pigmented which turned into a bit of a disaster as you can imagine! So if I could give you any advice with this palette, it would be to put a tiny amount on your brush and build it up gradually...


Shades marked with a cross are the ones I decided to use for this post.


This is the bronzer which I think is a really gorgeous shade, but could suit me a lot better if I had a tiny bit of a tan because it is a little darker and more orange than I would normally go for. I applied this using my Too Faced Mr Right brush (love this).


Then I take a little bit of the bronzer up on to my forehead as well.


Then I go in with the lightest shade of blush with my Real Techniques blush brush. I dab that above my bronzer so it blends in together nicely.


I'm looking at this photo thinking damn, I need some more mascara on those lashes! Anyway, to finish off I then dip my Morphe brush into the highlighter and dab that onto my cheekbones. I love that you can see the shimmer in this photo.


I am so glad that I got this palette, and I am especially in love with all of the blush shades. I think that this would be perfect for travelling or just on the go, because it has such a large mirror with it as well.

I'm really impressed with the pigmentation of this product. I don't have anything quite this pigmented and I'm still getting the hang of it if I'm honest.

I would recommend this product to anyone because I think that it is really great quality at a very reasonable price. I also think that this would suit a lot of skin tones so would be great for a lot of people.

I really hope that you enjoyed this review, and has helped you make your mind up if you're considering purchasing a palette of this sort.

BeautyClaire Wakefield