Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser


A couple of weeks ago, my skin took a really bad turn and I ended up with about a million spots on my face. My skin isn't normally too bad to be completely honest with you! I do get the odd spot here and there, and not to mention those blackheads which always seem to be around but nothing like this has EVER happened to me, EVER.

I'm not sure what brought it on, it's normally the time of the month that brings me up in a few spots but that wasn't it. I was eating quite a bit of chocolate, but I'm always eating quite a bit of chocolate... and nothing else in my diet had changed. Maybe it was stress? I don't know.

Either way, I knew I needed some serious TLC to get them cleared up and fast.

I had done so much googling, and I was often seeing people mentioning that mud cleansers/masks are seriously good for your skin.

I found a lot of products online that I was looking at buying, but then I got a litttttle bit impatient and needed something from the shop because this was an emergency... I knew that M&S stocked the brand Pixi which I read quite a few great reviews on, so I decided to pop out and pick up the Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser.


I have gone through a serious amount of cleansers in my time, and this is the best one I have used by miles. After the first use, my skin already looked brighter and clearer and I was so, so happy and relieved!

This product contains 5% glycolic acid which was what also convinced me to buy this product, because this is also meant to be seriously amazing for your skin. It is the glycolic acid that exfoliates your skin, leaving it looking brighter and smoother. It's strange because I always thought exfoliating was rubbing scrubs on to your face/body which can leave my skin looking quite red and not any better off really. So this definitely works for me!

I would 100% agree with the supposed result of a brighter and smoother complexion, as my pores have definitely gotten smaller which has left me with smoother skin. The exfoliation has also got rid of those dead skin cells, leaving my skin looking brighter and also tackling my break outs.


I would highly recommend this product to anyone, it is on the pricey side but trust me, it is worth every penny and I will definitely be repurchasing.

BeautyClaire Wakefield