Greenwich Park, London


This Mother's Day was spent at Greenwich Park in London, and thankfully the sun was shining and it really was a lovely day.

Greenwich Park is actually a really nice location, which I honestly haven't appreciated before, and not to mention that it is absolutely huge. I'm thinking that it must take a majority of the day to walk it, or at least at my pace anyway.

Me and my family wasn't sure what to do for Mothers Day, so we thought that we would do something a bit relaxing and not too stressful, as it was Sunday after all! So we decided to go for a buffet breakfast at the Village Hotel in Maidstone which was quite nice, but it definitely wasn't the best breaskfast buffet that I have ever had. But that could of been down to that it was just so jam-packed! They did all the basic stuff so juices, tea/coffee, cooked foods, cereal, toast, fruit and pastries so there was definitely something for everyone and only cost us £10 each which I didn't think was too bad at all.

Now we are a family that loves to go for a walk, especially after we have eaten. So we decided to take a little trip to Greenwich Park after our breakfast. It was a very peaceful day and the sun was shining and was actually quite warm.

After we had strolled through the park, we then wandered around the shops that are nearby as well as going to a few markets that were scattered around.

I really love spending time with my family and doing things like this are always the best. All of our phones are away and you get to walk around, having proper conversations and all getting a bit of fresh air, because this doesn't happen all too often.

My family are so important to me and are the people I love spending my time with. Because they are the ones who have always been there for me, and I know who will always be there for me throughout my life and whatever happens. And on another note... I absolutely love visiting London, and definitely want to go again in the summer as well as a few other places! There really is nothing like getting out of the house and out of town for some exploring.

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