Monthly Round Up

Welcome to my first monthly round up post!

I love these sorts of posts because they're quick to scroll through and there's normally something that interests you.
It's a little bit more of an insight into that person's month too, which is good if you're super nosey like I am.

I'm feeling pretty excited to put my own spin on this, so let's get going!


Favourite post

This would have to be my advice post on how to feel better. I love doing advice posts because they not only can help other people but they help me too!

Favourite post by another blogger

It would have to be this post by Georgia. Her photos always look incredible in my opinion!

Currently reading

The Murder House by James Patterson.

Favourite beauty item

My L'Oreal Sculpt mascara.

Best moment

Watching The Bridget Jones' Baby at the cinema - was such a funny film.

Wishing for

This Zoeva eyeshadow palette - so beautiful.

Grateful for

The people that are always there to pick me up when I need it.

What I've achieved

I've tried some new foods this week because I really need to start taking better care of myself in terms of my diet.

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