December Haul

It was definitely been a good month for picking up a few bits for myself, especially with some extra monies from Christmas. I've already got some bits for my January Haul which I am so excited to share already!

Anyway, sticking to December. I honestly couldn't decide my favourite purchase because I do love them all. BUT I am in love with the Warehouse jumper and the M&S sock boots, they're a pretty amazing combo.

What's your favourite find?


These fabulous booties I picked up from M&S in the sale for only Β£20 - bargain or what! They feel such good quality, and I love that these are a sock boot so fit to my leg really well too. I instagrammed these the other day if you fancy checking it out, only if you want to though...
I could not find them to link them though, sorrryyee :-(


I treated myself to a couple of jumpers this month, because I desperately needed some warmth in my wardrobe! Winter has definitely hit, and while I'm writing this it is actually snowing eeeeek! This white jumper from ASOS is a really simple, chunky cable knit that goes with everything and I don't know where I'd be without it.


This jumper that I picked up from Warehouse is possibly my favourite thing at the moment. My photo makes it look quite orange, but it is actually a little bit of a darker shade. I love the colour, it's so soft, warm and I would wear this every day if I could.


This Miss Selfridge skirt I am also in love with! I've already worn it a few times because it's perfect for an occasion you want to dress for, but is still quite casual and really pretty. It has a strip of suede across the top which I think is a really nice detail, and is embroidered with pink flowers all over. 


My one and only beauty/skincare purchase of the month! I was looking for a moisturiser in Boots and my mum actually said that I should get this one. To be honest, I never even think to look in the Olay section because I just thought that their range wasn't for me.
But let me tell you, this moisturiser has been amazing for my skin. It was beginning to get very dry (probably because it's been so chilly bbrrr), it needed saving and it has definitely been saved. It's really light which I like, and leaves my skin feeling moisturised, glowing and healthy all day long.

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