Office Details Wishing

I am obsessed with pinning pretty home offices and decor pieces. I really wish that I had the room in my house to be able to create a little space that I could just hide away in and fill with inspiring bits and bobs to keep me motivated.

But until then, I'll just continue to dream while scrolling through Pinterest and filling my board up with ideas.

So here's a summary of what I'm loving at the moment!

Office Details 1.jpg

The Desk - I love wooden furniture and I loooove this. It's simple and just looks fresh, clean and tidy.

The Chair - this looks so comfortable that I could sit in it all day.

The Desk Lamp - this looks so stylish, and would go great with the desk too.

Office Details 2

The Cloud Cork Board - I am looking at different inspiration boards at the moment, and I came across this one and I actually really love it. I think that it's super quirky and different and great to pin happy memories or inspiring photographs on to.

The Book - this has been on my wishlist for a little while as well as her 'Style' book. I love Lauren Conrad and I watched absolutely every episode of The Hills. I think that this is a book everyone needs in their life.

The Candle - I liked this because it had a quote on it, so would be great to keep on your desk to look at it. They also say that a candle is a great relaxation tool.

The Heart Print - super simple and super cute.

The Notebook - because you can't get by and keep organised without a note book.