Thoughts for 2016


2015 has been a very busy year, involving moving out of my family home in February into my own two bed house with my partner.Ever since then we have been dabbling here and there with bits of decorating and DIY and we are finally getting our house to look like our home (only took almost a year).

This summer we took an exciting trip to France. We drove from our house in Kent all the way down to near Poitiers, France. It was a very new and very stressful experience but very fun at the same time. My grandad lives in France so that is where we stayed for a week, which was full of relaxation and sunshine - perfect!

Apart from that, not much else has happened this year which I feel quite disappointed about now that it is the end of the year and we are all looking back at memories we have made. This is where my thoughts for 2016 come in...

  • I want to do so much more outside of work, starting with my 21st birthday in January. My partner is taking me away on a surprise trip and I simply cannot wait (I just want to go now!). I also want to do a lot more with my friends, it's so easy to forget how important they are sometimes.
  • I want to start taking a lot more photos and documenting more, which is where my blog comes in. I think it's so important to put your thoughts and photos somewhere you can look back at them so you don't forget anything! As terrible as it sounds, I do forget a lot.
  • I also want to really knuckle down and start saving my money. At the moment, me and my partner are renting which isn't always ideal. However I cannot wait for the day when we get our own mortgage on a house so we can really make it ours. I love reading about how other people have designed their homes to their own perfection. I am bursting with so many ideas, and I'm very excited for the time I can start putting them to use.

What are your goals for 2016?

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