Aussie 3 Miracle Oil


I wasn't too excited when I picked up this Aussie 3 Miracle Oil, I thought I would just give it a go, what could go wrong? However now I have used it I honestly don't know if I will ever give this up.

I have recently had my hair highlighted, having previously never dyed my hair before! And one thing I really noticed (that was to be expected), was that the condition of my hair got significantly worse.

I have very fine hair so it got quite damaged, and my hair gets so knotted and straw-like now when it wasn't before. And this oil is seriously, seriously helping my hair almost get back to it's usual healthy state.

This is an oil that you can use every day on your hair and it won't make it greasy. I've also found that my hair doesn't get used to this treatment so it continuously works just as good as it did when I first started using it.

I normally use this after I have washed but before I have blow dried my hair. (You can use this Aussie Oil on dry hair to create shine). I apply it to my ends which is where the damage is, and it instantly feels softer and look healthier.

What's your go-to product to save damaged hair? I feel like as great as this oil is, I feel like I need something else that I can put all over my hair like a mask maybe, what's your thoughts?

BeautyClaire Wakefield